Asphalt Roof Installation & Roof Repair

Asphalt Roof Installation & Roof Repair

This versatile form of roofing has the advantage that it can be applied to a range of surfaces, including concrete, timber and metal. Mastic asphalt is thought to be the most reliable flat roof system, offering total waterproofing integrity for many different types of roofs. These include tanking, paving, flooring and damp proof membranes.

At The Great Construction Company we only use quality asphalt to ensure your newly installed asphalt roof lasts for many years to come. As your new asphalt roof has been installed by our highly skilled craftsmen you have peace of mind in the quality of your roof.

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There are seven basic roofing components you ought to know:

Shingles: These are often made from a spread of materials, but their main purpose is to guard underlying sheathing from the weather. Shingles are traditionally measured in squares. A square of shingles is 100 square feet, so if you recognize your roof is 2,500 square feet you’ll got to order 25 squares.

Sheathing: Boards or sheet material that are attached to the rafters that cover your home. This is also referred to as the deck of a roof

Trim: Installed to guard the seam within the roof along a hip or ridge.

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